Compass Box The Circus

Compass Box The Circus

Product code:WS203

Compass Box The Circus 700ml 49%

Limited Edition release of 2,490 bottles. Bottled March 2016.

Some blends have the capacity to take us outside of ourselves for just a moment and elevate the senses beyond the everyday. Such is the case with this whisky, for which Compass Box was lucky enough to uncover the rarest of finds - old parcels of Blended Scotch and Blended Grain whisky that had been aged pre-blended in cask for many years.

A lithe frame and opulent mouthfeel showcasing the supple softness of mature grain and the complexity of aged Blended Scotch Whisky. Brimming with dried fruit, a luscious maltiness and nuances of almond and hazelnut.

Like all the best circuses, this whisky is transient, ephemeral - in town for one night only. We recommend it for celebrations, moments of optimism, one-of-a-kind events - those fleeting moments all the more precious in the knowledge that they can never be repeated.

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