Los Valientes 10 Year-Old Rum

Los Valientes 10 Year-Old Rum

Product code:RM112-LV10

Los Valientes 10 Year-Old Rum 500ml 40%

An incredible range of rums from Veracruz, Mexico (Mexico!) named after ‘The Valiant Ones', heroic fighters in the Mexican Revolution. A blend of double-distilled sugarcane juice from pot stills and molasses rum from column stills. 70% agricole and 30% traditional, the rums are then aged in charred white oak barrels. In the nose a hint of plums, then oak and sugar cane. Its flavour molasses, dried tropical fruits, sugar cane juice, oak, and a slight hint of dark chocolate. A light rum, with this character due to the larger than usual size of barrels used for ageing.
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